Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picture Overload!

Here are some quick updates of what we have been up to (in pictures of course!)

Campbell decided to surprise her great grandpa with a visit on his birthday, it was such a quick trip that I didn't get too many pictures, and some how great grandma and grandpa managed to avoid the camera.

A couple of big things happened on our quick trip. First, Jon was able to go out with my grandpa on his sail boat. I can only hope that I will be sailing on my 80Th birthday!

Campbell also learned how to wave. In fact, her first wave was to her great grandma!

Recently we flew to North Carolina for my friend Leah's wedding.

We expected this to be a long and exhausting trip, but we had no idea just how long it would be. The night before we left Campbell had a little fever. We figured she was teething, gave her some Tylenol and went to sleep. To make a very long story short she became progressively worse. Against our better judgement we boarded the plane and flew overnight.

Shortly after arriving we decided Campbell needed to see a doctor. Jon was a trouper and took her to an urgent care clinic so I could still participate in the pre wedding activities. She came back with a diagnosis of double ear infections! After a few doses of antibiotics, a couple of really long naps, and some tears of guilt from myself, Campbell started to feel better. Jon should get an award for being such a good dad. Since I was involved in wedding things he had to take care of the sick baby.

Campbell slept through the ceremony but was not about to miss the party afterwards!

Since I am off for the summer, (and am fortunate enough to have a job to return to), there will be a lot of this in our future: