Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snowed in!!

Each time I think it can't snow anymore we get another couple of inches! Campbell and I have spent a lot of time watching the snow fall from the warm couch. Unfortunately Jon has been commuting to Portland. He stayed home a couple of days when the roads were really bad, and even stayed in Portland one night. I never thought I would say it, but I am ready for the rain to come back!

On his days off Jon has been busy clearing a path for the dogs and shoveling snow!

We have almost 2 feet of snow!! Our little town usually shuts down when we get a mere inch of snow! This storm has created chaos! Even our mail has not come all week! We are attempting to make it to my grandparents near Seattle for Christmas tomorrow, hopefully the weather cooperates.

Even with all the snow Campbell was able to attend her first wedding last weekend. We came prepared with bottles, diapers, and quick feet to head for the door in case Campbell objected. Once again our anxiety was unfounded as she proved just how perfect she is. The bride didn't even seem to mind that Campbell decided to wear white!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Campbell goes to the farm...

Campbell and I made her first of many trips to the farm to visit my mom. Campbell turned out to be a great traveler. I on the other hand, could not seem to get us on the right plane. We still have not figured out how I managed to watch our plane board and take off with out us! I am sure I was too caught up in playing with the baby.
Campbell was unfazed as I scrambled to find another flight and raced to the other end of the airport. It seems people are very understanding and helpful when you are carrying a hungry baby, pushing a stroller and on the verge of tears. They even let me on the plane first and carried my things! Campbell was fed and asleep before the plane took off. She did not even know she was on a plane.
While the weather was too cold for Campbell to officially meet any cows or horses she was able to spend some quality time with her Grandma, Grandpa Mike, and Aunt Nicole.

While at the farm Campbell turned into a marathon sleeper. I suspect my mom is the baby whisperer. Campbell was taking 4-5 hour naps during the day, and sleeping through the night. My mom also taught me a little trick of putting a blanket over the car seat and then putting the baby in it. This turned out to be life changing!! Campbell was very content to hang out in this new seat. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy holding my baby, but sometimes you just have to put the baby down!!

My mom had found our old saddle that we used on our pony, Lady, when we were little. I was determined to get a picture of Campbell on it. Campbell seemed to disagree with my plan, I'm pretty sure she is waiting for the pony to be underneath it.

Our trip was extended because of snow in Portland. Campbell was unimpressed by her first snow storm. We arrived home to icy roads and snow everywhere. At least one member of our family is enjoying the snow:

Here is a picture of what our back yard looks like:

Friday, December 5, 2008

Victory.....sort of

This is the closest I have come to capturing the cutest smile ever:

Campbell had a check up this week, and her two month shots. At 7 weeks she weighed 10 pounds 14 ounces. We can definitely tell she has gained weight. Campbell is finally filling out her clothes, in fact she has earned the nick name belly. I think she kind of looks like a frog.

She handled her shots like a champ, I am sure that she recovered faster than I did. Fortunately Jon was able to be there because I could hardly stand to be in the same room. Here is a picture before:

and after:

She slept most of the day, which really threw our sleeping schedule off. We are still working on fixing that!

I am in search of the perfect Christmas outfit. I know she will only wear it a few minutes, and probably spit up...or worse on it. Some day this baby will forgive me for playing dress up. Lucky for me she seems to be pretty patient!