Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bath Time

It didn't take Campbell very long to figure out that she loves bath time. Jon is certain this means she will be a surfer one day. I think the jury is still out on that one... maybe if the ocean water is as warm as her bath water.

Campbell is also starting to enjoy her toys. She has been really active and alert. Her new favorite game is sticking her tongue out. She has also been smiling a lot. I have been stalking her with the camera trying to catch of a picture of her new "tricks", but she seems to be winning that game. This is the best I could do so far.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I get asked a lot about how we are all sleeping. The first month was a little rough. Campbell refused to sleep unless someone was holding her. So for a while we slept like this:

And like this:

Out of desperation I even had her sleep in the bed with me. Finally I decided to give the bassinet next to our bed one last try. I swaddled her up as tight as I could, got her to fall asleep, and crossed my fingers when I put her down. I woke up 5 hours later in a panic not remembering where the baby was. We had a break through!! Most nights Campbell is asleep by 8 and wakes up about every 4-5 hours. We do have the occasional night where she does not want to sleep, but for the most part she sticks to this schedule. Here is a picture of what she looked like that morning. She had completely busted out of my swaddling job, but I still felt like celebrating our accomplishment.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Campbell's First Visitors

Here are a few pictures of Campbell's first visitors

Monday, November 24, 2008

Better Late Than Never!!

After weeks of promising to post a website where people can stay updated on Baby Campbell I finally found a little time to start one.

I'll give a quick recap of what our lives have been like these past couple of months. I promise to include plenty of pictures.

The pregnancy

Except for the last two weeks my pregnancy was pretty uneventful. I began having strong, regular contractions at about two and a half weeks from my due date. They were time able, but not strong enough to push me into full blown labor.

After several disappointing trips to the doctor and one trip to labor and delivery when I was sure it was time, my doctor agreed to induce me on October 10th.

This picture was taken at 31 weeks

The Birth Story

We checked into the hospital around 10 am on Friday, October 10th. The labor and delivery department was full so we waited about an hour before they started the pitocin (the labor inducing drug). I spent most of the day pretty comfortable. My mom and sister arrived that afternoon and were able to give Jon a little break.

We were very fortunate that our good friend Allie who happens to be a labor and delivery nurse in the same hospital was able to be with us throughout the entire process.

It was so nice to have Allie there to explain things and keep us company, especially because we skipped the birthing class. At one point the baby didn't agree with the position I was in and her heartbeat dropped. In one swift motion Allie was out of her chair and had flipped me over. Jon and I still didn't realize what was going on when the nurses came in. She even went from labor coach to photographer. Our experience would not have been the same without Allie there, and I know we would not have any pictures as neither one of us was thinking about taking pictures.

My doctor came in around 4 and hinted that this may not be the day. I still could not imagine that I would go another day without having this baby. In my mind they give you the medicine and you have a baby, I did not realize it was such a process. At 9 the doctor called my room and we decided to continue the pitocin until midnight. When the nurse came in at 11:30 I agreed that this was not the night and begged for food since I had not eaten all day.

After a sleepless night of listening to everyone in the hospital have a baby except me we started the process again.

My doctor came in around 8 and announced that this was the day (I knew I loved this man). He broke my water which really caused things to get moving. Almost instantly my contractions went from mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful. Around 1, after snapping at Jon once, and crawling on the floor I decided it was time for the epidural. I quickly returned to my normal, happy self.

By 5 it was time to start pushing. I am sure that Campbell was waiting on a couple of things before making her big debut; a name, (we worked on this all day), and her great grandparents to arrive. With the Oregon State football game in the background distracting both me and the doctor, Campbell was born at 7:26 pm on October 11th.

After some bonding time Jon quickly went to the waiting room that was full of anxious grandparents and great grand parents.